Angels Of Redemption

“Angels of Redemption came about as a group of incarcerated teens sat and discussed everything that they had suffered through.  The more they reflected on what they had lost, the more they realized that they wanted to give back.  The girls figured, ‘why keep taking away from what little peace is still left on this earth- when we can give love, support, compassion and time to children who are worse off than we are?’  Angels of Redemption participants came up with this program with the intention of giving poverty stricken children in Ghana, West Africa, the care and attention that they wee never shown themselves.  Angels of Redemption, is, in three words – ‘a second chance,’ not only for the girls participating, but the ones they plan to help as well.

Most youths incarcerated within Camp Joseph Scott and other facilities have very little insight as to a world outside of their communities.  The majority of the participants have grown up in poverty by American standards and feel they have drawn a bad hand in life.  Most of us have been raised in an evironment consisting of violence, drugs, gang warfare, prostitution, and discrimination; using these as excuses to never do anything productive in life.  We have become accustomed to being selfish, ignorant, and desensitized and therefore havenot experienced the rewards of giving to or helping others in need.

By realizing all of this, we have come to a conclusion that our paths to redemption and transformation lies in expanding our circle of compassion through selfless acts of charity.  Our primary goal is a trip to Ghana, West Africa where we can visit St. Anne’s orphanage and provide clothes, food, toys, tutoring and most importantly love and comfort to the parentless children.  In the eyes of the world we’re outcasts, misfits and criminal statistics but to the children of St Anne’s we will be mentors, guides and helping hands with open hearts.  This will give us a chance to redeem ourselves, gain confidence, self-esteem and earn our place back in society.

Additionally, going to Ghana, West Africa, we will be going to the birthplace of humanity to be exposed to historical places, cultural events and different languages, where we will build inner strength in ourselves and open our minds to a world where all human beings are equal no matter where we come from.”