Writes of Passage

The Writes of Passage curriculum is the cornerstone for all Spirit Awakening programs. Students advance through three levels, usually over a twelve to sixteen week period.

Level I

Unmasking Your Authentic Voice: explores the themes of identity, forgiveness, success & excellence, gratitude, and service. The strength of our program lies in the safe space it creates for students to discover life’s possibilities and the spirit that guides them in achieving their highest purpose.

Once students see seemingly insurmountable obstacles as challenges, they recognize that their experience, both good and bad, is a gift that gives them the wisdom to overcome those challenges. This motivates at-risk youth to change fundamental beliefs about themselves.

Once they find what gives their life meaning and value, they take steps towards realizing their dreams, and commit to community service; this in turn helps them make choices based on integrity and vision, not negative peer and family pressure. Participants let go of conditional roles, and become once again aligned with their authentic self and true worth. Graduates work is published in a beautifully bound book and recognized at a ceremony.

Level II

Urban Folktales

Promotes deeper self-discovery with weekly writing, meditation and discussion with artists and community leaders. Students not in camp participate in cultural activities.

Level III

Tribal Oasis

A leadership retreat for advanced students at the Esalen Institute. The Foundation takes selected students on annual retreats to the beautiful Esalen Institute and other natural locations to advance their journey to find greater purpose and to serve their communities in their highest possible capacity.