The Little Book of Transformation is a manifesto on how to live a more authentic, creative and purposeful life.

This is a definitive work of inspiration for busy people on the spiritual path; a sweet and simple road map for the care, feeding and evolution of our souls.


“Your authentic voice will be unmasked with this book! Do it.”
–Mark Victor Hansen
   Author- Chicken Soup for the Soul

“In The Little Book of Transformation, Akuyoe Graham is offering people a powerful gift to themselves: the ability to take a personal journey like no other to unleash your inner self and reach your highest heights- in a safe, honest and practical way.”
–Rich Battista
   CEO, Gemstar-TV Guide International

“I have known Ms. Graham for fifteen years- ample time to witness that the very core of her life, her compassion, her commitment to humanity are indeed Love in action. The potency of Ms. Graham’s program comes from the experiences of her own life, which she shares in so unique a way that it opens the heart and mind; it allows participants to touch their own vulnerability for transformation and move from bondage to the freedom of contributing to their world.”
–Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
  Founder and Spiritual Director Agape International Spiritual Center

“Akuyoe is the rain that makes the flowers grow”
–Doug R.