In The Works

Spirit Awakening The Movie

Based on the Critically Acclaimed Play Spirit Awakening is about a West African woman named Nancy Bannerman. Nancy is 30 years old and lives in a Brooklyn apartment with her single mother. She is an actor trying desperately to break into show business…Read More

“Between Betrayal and Redemption,
is the soul’s longing for itself…”

Saving Grace
An urban folktale

About Grace Pickford, a beautiful bi-racial teen torn between two disparate cultures and her struggles to make peace within herself; Grace is incarcerated in a juvenile detention camp where she meets a West African mystic and begins a journey of personal transformation.

The Seventh Day

Raheem Jones always predicted that he would be dead by 30. And he was. The Seventh Day traces his last 7 days of life as he prepares for his death. This is a story about forgiveness and letting go.

For more information about any of these projects contact:
Akuyoe Graham, 310.967.3920