Spirit Awakening The Movie

In a world where perfection has only one face,
what do you do when your face isn’t the “one?”
Based on the Critically Acclaimed Play Spirit Awakening is about a West African woman named Nancy Bannerman. Nancy is 30 years old and lives in a Brooklyn apartment with her single mother. She is an actor trying desperately to break into show business.

Nancy lives behind a careful construct of masks that she has painstakingly weaved together to gain acceptance and access into the world of glamour and privilege; with every missed opportunity and rejection, Nancy’s web of self-deception slowly begins to dissolve and can no longer shield her from the pain of her own life.

After a harrowing break-up from her philandering boyfriend, a visit from her dead grandmother and a trip back to Africa- all hell breaks loose as Nancy strips away years of affectation and pretense and challenges everything she’s ever believed about herself. Picking up the pieces of her disenfranchised life, Nancy stumbles into an unexpected romance with the mysterious Kola Blue and is finally able to reveal a dynamic sexuality and inner power.

Set in New York, London and Ghana, Spirit Awakening explores the themes of betrayal and redemption and offers rare glimpses of an Africa rarely seen. It paints lush, sweeping images of unexplored African landscapes, revealing its deep mysticism and healing spirituality.

The story’s unique and passionate voice comes from the heroine’s bold and uncompromising journey of self discovery.  The lessons of acceptance and love are for everyone, and they resonate like the breaking of chains.

Spirit Awakening is a love story. It is about a woman who learns to love herself. 
It is a story whose time has come.

For more info about the film contact: Akuyoe Graham, 310.967.3920